About Manhattan Pacific Management, Inc.

At Manhattan Pacific Management, Inc., property management is our passion. We are led by our guiding philosophy—that property management is a singular opportunity to both lead and serve.

Leading our industry as we develop and implement cutting-edge, proactive, and strategic operations, we help our clients—which often include celebrities and other public figures—extend their presence into the real estate sector.

Acting as responsible guardians over our client’s assets and reputations, we are ever-mindful of how real estate shapes the lives of those who live and work within each respective community.

Manhattan Pacific Management’s Founder, and Chief Executive Officer, Erik M. Rivera, AcoM, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, is an Accredited Commercial Manager (ACoM), with additional certifications as an Association Management Specialist (AMS), and Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA). Erik also holds the prestigous Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM), the highest credential offered within the Common Interest Development (HOA) industry.

Mr. Rivera is a guiding force within property management, as he regularly leads industry efforts relating to legislation and compliance practices that impact real estate nationwide. Mr. Rivera serves in several capcities within the Greater Los Angeles Chapter, Orange County Regional Chapter, and the Greater Manhattan (NYC) Chapter of the Community Associations Institute. Mr. Rivera frequently lectures and provides training to other management professionals around the country.

Firm-wide, Manhattan Pacific is a proud member of the following leading property management associations: Education is a staple at Manhattan Pacific Management. Our firm provides the team with top industry education, to ensure that everyone on our team is well-versed from the latest in amenities to important legislative changes.