VIP Clients

Manahattan Pacific Management manages a wide spectrum of real estate assets. However, there is one common denominator: You.

We specialize in property management, and advisory services for High Net Worth Individuals, distinctive Family Offices, and exclusive Homeower Association Boards, and the communities in which they serve. Offering innovative, bespoke, and personal service, this unparralled service allows your to confidently attend to your personal life, while we do the heavy lifting.

Our clients include Fortune 500 CEOs, celebrities, and public figures. Privacy and discretion are absolute. Furthermore, we know that your reputation is as priceless, and we will do everything to make sure that your property holdings and the management of these valuable assets, are always consistent with the highest of standards.

Commercial Real Estate

Manhattan Pacific Management’s repertoire is as diversified as our clients’ portfolios. We are ready to meet your needs, no matter the real estate asset class.

Our team of professionals work in all forms of commercial real estate, including office, medical, retail, and industrial. We specialize in complex multi-use properties that combine both commercial and residential spaces into cohesive communities.

For those interested in office space or mixed-use developments, we offer a full suite of services, including acquisition, entitlement, tenant improvements, and financial mangement.

Capital Projects and Construction

Our elite clients are innovators and disruptors; they see possibilities where others see impossibility. Manhattan Pacific Management is at their side, helping them turn those visions into reality.

Whether our clients are building botique apartments or a hotels, we manage the entire lifespan of development projects from blueprints to construction.

We navigate our clients through political processes that large-scale developments require. Manhattan Pacific’s founder and CEO, Erik M. Rivera, is a national figure on these issues; he regularly advises industry leaders on legislation and regulatory concerns relating to community and property development.

For those who want an even larger role in real estate, master-planned communities offer exciting possibilities. These communities include housing and common facilities, but the new larger developments can include office parks, industrial manufacturing centers.

Manhattan Pacific’s experienced team understands what’s required to build a new city’s entire infrastructure, and is hear to advise, and manage your dream. Manhattan Pacific’s clients are already groundbreaking. It’s our job to make that true, in every sense of the word.

HOA - Common Interest Developments

Manhattan Pacific Management offers unparalleled service and expertise in the management of Homeowners Association (HOAs) and Common Interest Developments (CIDs) as a whole.

CIDs are the world’s fastest-growing segment in housing: Industry figures estimate that one-in-five Americans already live in some form of CID. However, CIDs require specialized attention in their operation, from the traditional demands of property management to the finesse that may be required when dealing with large special assessments or construction defect litigation.

At Manhattan Pacific Management we are meticulous in the management of our buildings’ physical structure. However, we also take equal care with your HOA’s administration. We often advise HOA boards on governance, budgeting, financial management, and compliance.

Manhattan Pacific Management maintains every community at the highest-levels—preserving the first-class luxury status you envision.

Multifamily Apartments

From duplexes and garden-style developments to high-rises, Manhattan Pacific Management takes management of multifamily apartments to a whole new level. Many of our client’s properties provide livable luxury—world-class service and state-of-the-art facilities.

We have the resources to help investors acquire, construct, and maintain properties that yield the highest return on your investment. With local expertise in every market we serve, we know rate of turnover and costs of maintenance; we know what amenities are hot in Manhattan and what’s cool in Manhattan Beach. We take the guesswork out of valuation.

Of course, Manhattan Pacific fulfills all the traditional tasks of a full-service management company: We collect rent, maintain comprehensive financials, and compliance. We handle the building’s marketing and advertising. We manage occupancy, supervise move-in and move-outs, and so forth.

We’re also anticipating the needs of tomorrow’s renter—who will want dedicated workspaces and built-in wifi. They’ll ask for walkable neighborhoods, convenience, and more.

With that in mind, we specialize in complex mixed-use buildings. We are experts in the complicated issues these developments pose. We create buildings that can support all lifestyles and tastes.

Manhattan Pacific Management brings luxury living to your home.


Manhattan Pacific Management’s clients and tenants expect the best—and that includes building maintenance. We realize maintenance impacts a structure’s inherent value, and we also know that it can affect potential incoming revenue. Flawless maintenance is essential in maintaining a building’s (and the owner’s) reputation. That’s why, for owners and tenants alike, we manage all of our facilities as if it was our own. We take care of everything.

We recognize that, from a prospective tenant’s first tour to their final move-out, it’s the property managers and maintenance teams who the lessees interact with and must count on. They become the face of our—and your—brand. Therefore, we are leaders in the industry, in that we carefully screen all of our property managers. We require that every Manhattan Pacific’s property manager is certified; is a member of Community Associations Institute (CAI)and/or the Institute of Real Estate Management; and has ongoing professional continuing education.

We serve our property owners, renters, and guests with regularly-scheduled, ongoing preventive maintenance—to stop issues before they begin. We conduct scheduled inspections of property grounds.

We ensure prompt resolution of any repair requests, whether they are small or large, emergencies or minor inconveniences. And when repairs are needed, we do it right the first time, providing the same high quality for repairs as was used during the building’s construction.